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    • Stainless steel food grade hot tank designed
    • Child lock hot water tap equipped to avoid children play and cause injured
    • Durrable, water-proof, sunlight-proof and remains new after years
    • There are flections at the front of flume to avoid hurting people
    • Super powerful water tray made of stainless steel
    • Arch outline tray designed to prevent water spill out
    • Heavy duty stainless steel body
  • Temperature

    Cold : 7-13°C

    Hot : 95-98°C


    Cold : 3L (10L/hr)

    Normal : 3L (10L/hr)

    Hot : 5L (8L/hr)

    Dimension 430D x 560W x 1330H
    Cover Stainless Steel
    Intel Water Pressure 125 psi
    Electric Power 1000 W
    Weight 51kg (F) ; 63kg (RO)
    SS Panel Thickness 0.7mm


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Refillable Water Dispenser

RO Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser Supplier

RO Water Dispenser Malaysia

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