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Industrial Water Filters Malaysia

Your Industrial Water Filter Supplier of Choice

Industrial water filters are indispensable tools in various industrial applications, serving the critical role of removing impurities and contaminants from water. These filters operate by utilizing pores that are small enough to allow water molecules to pass through while capturing suspended solids and other contaminants.


In Malaysia, industrial water filters have been widely adopted in various industries where fresh, clean water is needed for industrial purposes. The most common industries include hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, and power plants. Over the years, Delcol has grown to be one of the most reputable water filter manufacturers and suppliers in Malaysia.

Delcol has decades of experience in delivering water filters and related filtration products tailored for applications that require the highest quality water filtration. We offer a myriad of industrial water filters in the market designed for different filtration systems, including reverse osmosis systems, ultraviolet filtration, and ultrafiltration systems.

Industrial Reversal Osmosis Water Filters

Delcol industrial water filters for Reverse Osmosis purification are designed with non-corrosive and chemical-resistant material. The stable and robust construction provides long-term durability under demanding industrial conditions.

The filters have an innovative design with energy-saving membranes to help cut your energy costs.  Do you need a high-capacity industrial RO system? The filters offer high flow rate capacity with excellent impurity removal. Delcol also offers ultraviolet water filters that can be paired with Reverse Osmosis systems.


Industrial Filters for Ultrafiltration Systems

The team at Delcol has engineered the most advanced ultrafiltration systems on the market to provide the best quality water treatment for different industries and applications including chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and wastewater treatment, among others.  Our industrial filters for ultrafiltration systems are well-engineered to effectively separate suspended solids, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses from water.

Maintaining industrial water filters

Proper servicing and maintenance of industrial water filters is essential for their long-term performance. One of the most recommended steps in cleaning your industrial water filter is to regularly clean the inlet mesh screen. Consequently, you can prevent clogging and flow restrictions.

The primary function of the inlet filter is to capture large particles, debris, and sediments from entering the pump and the rest of the filtration system. Over time, these contaminants can accumulate and clog the filter, reducing its effectiveness in removing impurities from the water.

Regular replacement of the industrial water filter is essential to maintain consistent filtration of suspended solids and sediments from the product water. As the filter ages, its ability to trap contaminants diminishes, compromising the quality of the filtered water. By replacing industrial water filters at recommended intervals, you optimize the performance of your commercial water filtration system. A clean and properly functioning filter allows the system to operate efficiently, ensuring that the water meets quality standards and remains safe for consumption or use in various applications.

Contact our team to purchase or service your industrial water filters in Malaysia. Having a problem choosing the right filtration solutions for your needs? Our team of experts are always ready to help. Our prices are very competitive as well!

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Delcol is the leading brand name for water dispensers, water filters, reverse osmosis systems and water treatment products be it for household, corporate or industrial applications. We provide 30,000 businesses across Malaysia with clean water and quality water filtration systems.

Delcol is headquartered in Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur with offices in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


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