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Water Filtration Relocation and Reinstallation Malaysia

Comprehensive Guide for Relocating your Water Filtration System

Moving to a new home or business location can be a huge hassle, from packing and unpacking to settling into your new location. In the midst of these changes, it's common to overlook important elements like your water filtration system. Taking proper steps to relocate and reinstall your water filtration system will ensure that your filtration system continues to provide clean and safe water in your new location.

Relocating and reinstalling a water filtration system requires careful handling and involves several steps to ensure it's done safely and effectively. Whether DIY or using a team of experts, these are the detailed steps for water filtration and reinstallation. 


Before embarking on the relocation, assess the new location for the water filtration system. Consider factors like available space, proximity to the water source and power outlet, and any plumbing or electrical requirements. Also, check the current condition and functionality of the water filtration system. 


Start by turning off the water supply and disconnecting the filtration system from the power source. Remove any filters, cartridges, or components that can be detached safely for transportation. 


Properly pack all detached components to prevent damage during transit. Use original packaging if available or use suitable packaging materials like bubble wrap, foam, and sturdy boxes. The packaging should provide optimal protection for the water filtration system. 


Transport the packaged components to the new location carefully, ensuring they are secure and protected from bumps or impact. Consider hiring professional movers if needed, especially for larger filtration systems.


Reinstallation Preparation

Once at the new location, assess the plumbing and electrical setup to ensure compatibility with the water filtration system. Make any necessary adjustments or installations, such as adding new plumbing connections or electrical outlets.


Follow the manufacturer's instructions or guidelines to reassemble the water filtration system. Install filters, cartridges, and other components according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Connection and Testing

Connect the water filtration system to the water supply line and power source. Check for leaks, proper flow, and functionality. Run a test cycle to ensure the system is working correctly.

Final Checks

After installation, perform a final inspection to ensure everything is properly connected, sealed, and functioning as intended. Turn on the tap and test the filtration system with at least 10 L of water. If the filtration is installed properly, the pipes should not leak, and the water should be clean. 


Keep records of the relocation and reinstallation process, including any modifications made, maintenance schedules, and warranty information.

Reliable Water Filtration relocation and Reinstallation Services

Delcol has a team of fully trained and certified technicians and engineers who are available to carry out professional water filtration relocation and reinstallation services in Malaysia. We are the go-to professionals in Malaysia to save you time and time. and guarantee proper handling of your water filtration system. 

After successful relocation and reinstallation of your water filtration system, we provide necessary maintenance or adjustments to optimize performance. As a customer-centric company, we make sure your filtration system is installed on time, safely and using limited costs. The mobilization is handled efficiently and effectively, with proper tests done at the end to ensure your water filtration systems work perfectly after relocation and reinstallation. We provide our services across Malaysia. 

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