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Ultra Filtration System Malaysia

Ultrafiltration (UF)-An Innovative Solution You Can Trust

Ultra Filtration System is designed to elevate your water purification to the next level.

The pore size of an Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane plays a crucial role in determining the type and size of contaminants that can be effectively removed from water. Ultrafiltration is not fundamentally different from filtration processes such as Reverse Osmosis (RO), microfiltration or nanofiltration. However, there is a distinction in terms of the size of the molecules it retains.

Unlike reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems which typically require a pump to generate sufficient pressure to force water through the semi-permeable membrane, ultrafiltration (UF) systems can operate effectively using standard home water pressure. Ultrafiltration membranes have larger pore sizes compared to RO membranes, allowing water to pass through more easily under normal pressure conditions. As a result, most UF systems do not require additional pumping mechanisms to achieve adequate filtration.

Because ultrafiltration systems can operate without the need for electricity or additional pumps, they are often preferred for applications where electricity availability may be limited or where energy efficiency is a priority.

Ultrafiltration (UF) is ideal for the treatment of surface water from sources such as dams, rivers, and reservoirs, among other natural water sources in Malaysia. The system can also be used for wastewater recovery.  Utilizing the latest filtration technology, Ultrafiltration (UF) by Delcol is tailored to achieve clean, contaminant-free water that surpasses the highest purity standards.



Let’s explore some of the specifications of the Ultrafiltration (UF) engineered by Delcol.

Membrane Technology

Ultrafiltration (UF) system uses ultrafiltration membranes with microscopic pores to get rid of particles, bacteria, and microorganisms. The system has been proven and tested to provide superior filtration.


Filtration Capacity

Our ultrafiltration (UF) system has an excellent filtration rate, ensuring a consistent supply of purified water.


Compact Design

The Ultrafiltration (UF) system has a compact design and is easy to install, making it ideal for residential and commercial applications.



The system is constructed with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance and reliability.


Profound Benefits of Ultrafiltration (UF) by Delcol

Why buy Ultrafiltration (UF) from Delcol?

Excellent water purity

Achieve water purity levels that surpass conventional filtration methods, providing peace of mind for you and your family. The method is also suitable for achieving utmost water purity levels for industrial applications.


Health and Wellness

Ultrafiltration is an excellent purification solution to eliminate harmful contaminants to ensure the water is safe for drinking and other purposes.


Environmentally Conscious

Ultrafiltration minimizes the use of plastic bottles, since you have a constant supply of purified water without the need for refill.



Delcol has engineered Ultrafiltration (UF) to be an economical choice for water purification. The system has long-lasting components to ensure the ultimate value for money.


Applications of Ultrafiltration (UF) system


Residential Use

This system is perfect for households aiming to secure a consistent supply of clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and other domestic purposes. It ensures access to safe and quality water, enhancing the overall well-being of residents. For small-scale household use, ultrafiltration can be utilized as an under-sink water filter.


Commercial Applications:

Well-suited for various commercial establishments such as offices, restaurants, cafes, and businesses. It helps maintain high standards of water quality, catering to the needs of employees, customers, and visitors.


Outdoor Activities

It provides a convenient and reliable source of clean water, ensuring hydration and safety during outdoor excursions where access to potable water may be limited.

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Delcol is the leading brand name for water dispensers, water filters, reverse osmosis systems and water treatment products be it for household, corporate or industrial applications. We provide 30,000 businesses across Malaysia with clean water and quality water filtration systems.

Delcol is headquartered in Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur with offices in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


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