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Filtered Water Dispenser Malaysia

Where To Place Your Water Dispenser

Quenching your thirst has never been easier or more stylish with Delcol’s filtered water dispensers. As a leading provider of innovative filtration products in Malaysia, Delcol offers a range of premium water dispensers designed to deliver pure, refreshing hydration. But having got the water dispenser, where do you place it? This article offers some actionable tips on where to seamlessly place your water dispenser once we have delivered it to your doorstep.

With a compact and lightweight design, Delcol filtered water dispensers can be conveniently moved, and the appliances blend easily in different spaces. For their immense role in water filtration, this is extremely efficient. This small size comes in handy when planning the interior of your home or office. Therefore, placing the Delcol filtered water dispenser should be the last of your worries. To start with, our water dispensers can fit in a wide array of locations. These include:

The Kitchen

This is an ideal location both at home and in the office. However, kitchens can sometimes be limited in space, especially in smaller kitchens or office break rooms. Delcol filtered water dispensers are compact and sleek in design, making them a space-efficient choice for the kitchen. The water dispensers fit well next to other kitchen appliances such as microwaves and fridges.

Dining Room

Water goes hand in hand with meals. For easier access to water before or after meals, try placing your water dispensers near your dining table. Whether hosting a dinner party or enjoying a family meal, having easy access to water encourages hydration and enhances the dining experience.


At your chilling spots, such as the lounge, the Delcol filtered water dispenser complements the experience. You can get refreshments easily without disrupting the mood. Whether you're watching TV, playing video games on a PlayStation, or listening to music on a sound system, having a water dispenser nearby ensures that you can stay hydrated without having to pause or interrupt your entertainment. Delcol filtered water dispensers have advanced safety features that allow them to be placed near electrical appliances.


Do you want to make your office visitors more comfortable? Placing the water dispenser at the reception will be a brilliant idea. As one of the first points of contact for guests, the reception area sets the tone for their experience in your office. Offering access to refreshing water not only helps guests stay hydrated but also shows that you care about their well-being and comfort. It's a small gesture that can make a big difference in creating a positive impression and fostering a hospitable atmosphere.

The Boardroom

The Delcol water dispenser can be placed at any corner of your boardroom to allow for easier access to clean drinking water. So, should you think of cooling the nerves before a board meeting, you can conveniently have a glass of chilled water. 

Final thoughts

Looking for filtered water dispensers in Malaysia? Delcol is your go-to supplier and manufacturer for the best deals. Our filtered water dispenser is designed with advanced filtration, ensuring you quench your thirst with the best quality water. Delcol delivers across the country!

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