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Water Cooler Filtration Malaysia

In Malaysia's tropical climate, staying hydrated is essential, and having access to clean, filtered water is much needed to promote overall health and well-being. Water cooler filtration systems are widely used to purify tap or municipal drinking water in Malaysia, enhancing water quality by reducing various contaminants such as:

  1. Taste and Odor: Filtration systems can remove unpleasant tastes and odors from water, thus improving its overall palatability.

  2. Chlorine: some filtration systems include activated carbon filters that effectively remove chlorine and its byproducts from water, enhancing its taste and reducing potential health risks.

  3. Lead: Advanced filtration systems, particularly those with reverse osmosis or specialized lead filters, can significantly reduce lead content in water, which is crucial for protecting health, especially in older buildings with lead pipes or fixtures.

  4. Sediment Particles: Filtration systems trap sediment particles like sand, dirt, rust, and debris, preventing them from reaching the tap and affecting water clarity and taste.


Advanced Water cooler filtration products, such as the range of options engineered by Delcol offer enhanced water purification, ensuring that the water you drink is cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable.

Delcol offers direct piped-in water coolers that help achieve a consistent supply of purified water while minimizing the cost and environmental impact of bottled water.

Delcol bottle-less water coolers provide numerous benefits over traditional bottled water coolers. From cost savings to environmental sustainability and convenience, these systems are becoming increasingly popular choices for homes, offices, and businesses.

One of the most significant benefits of Delcol’s water cooler filtration systems is their cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional bottled water coolers that require ongoing purchases of water bottles, bottle-less systems eliminate the need for bottled water altogether. This translates to significant savings in the long term, as you only need to invest in the filtration system and periodic maintenance.

By eliminating plastic water bottles, these systems contribute to reducing plastic waste and environmental impact. With growing concerns about plastic pollution, choosing a bottle-less water cooler is a proactive step towards sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Delcol water cooler filtration offers many conveniences for users.

These systems are connected directly to the water supply line, ensuring a steady flow of purified water. There's no need to wait for bottle deliveries or worry about running out of water during peak usage periods, making bottle-less coolers a convenient solution for busy households and workplaces.

Delcol’s water cooler filtration systems have a compact footprint, making them suitable for smaller spaces or areas where space optimization is important. This makes them versatile for use in homes, offices, break rooms, and commercial settings.

Maintenance of Delcol water cooler filtration systems is generally straightforward and requires less effort compared to traditional bottled water coolers. Routine filter changes and cleaning are the primary maintenance tasks, ensuring optimal performance and water quality.


Delcol, (with vast history of water purification and treatment experiences since 1992), provides and utilizes advanced water cooler filtration technology to help you achieve the best quality filtered water. Enjoy fresh, healthy water at the push of a button. Contact us at (03) 4297 3388 to discuss your filtration needs. 

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Delcol is the leading brand name for water dispensers, water filters, reverse osmosis systems and water treatment products be it for household, corporate or industrial applications. We provide 30,000 businesses across Malaysia with clean water and quality water filtration systems.

Delcol is headquartered in Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur with offices in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


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