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How Water Filters Help the Environment

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

We’re always looking for ways to live healthier, happier lives. Many of us know that drinking more water is one of the easiest ways to improve our health. We also know that living in a clean, safe environment plays a major role in our health. And now how to make the best of both world out from this two.

Reduce Waste with Water Filters

Most of us know the motto “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”; the “reduce” comes first for a reason. While both reusing and recycling are good ways to be environmentally conscious, reducing is the best way to help our environment because it stops waste before it occurs. Water filters can help us to reduce using single-use items like plastic bottles, mitigate wear and tear on appliances, and curtail fossil fuel consumption.

Reduce Single-Use Water Bottle Consumption

One of the benefits of using a water filter is the elimination of single-use plastic water bottles. Plastic waste is harmful to the environment and our health. Plastic waste does not decompose quickly. Instead, it breaks down into dangerous microplastic particles. Microplastics are hard to track and can easily make their way into our water and food.

In total, humans throw away roughly four million tons of trash every day with about 12.8 percent of that waste being plastic. Water filters are the perfect solution for people who are want to cut down on plastic waste. By combining a water filtration set up like an outdoor water filtration system and water dispenser you can have clean, fresh water in every part of your home.

Now that we better understand the relationship between our health, drinking water, and protecting the environment, let’s further explore the benefits of using a water filter to accomplish these goals.

How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Water Filter

One of the first questions most people ask about using water filters to help the environment is, “What about the filters? Don’t those get thrown away too?” This is an important question and something that we should all consider when looking for clean water options.

Be sure to look for a water filter product that utilizes eco-friendly water filter replacements. For instance, Delcol products are created with the environment in mind. Our water filter components are designed to be eco-friendly and are made from recyclable materials.

Now that we know more about eco-friendly filters, the next step is to find a water filter system that can meet all of our needs. Let’s break down the different water filter setups to get a better understanding of which product to choose:

Outdoor Filtration System

A whole house water filter is the ultimate solution for clean drinking water in your home. These water filters are installed where water enters your home so that every drop of water that flows through your pipes, out of your faucets, and into your appliances is filtered.

Water Dispenser

Water dispensers come in a few varieties: tabletop dispensers, and floor standing water filters. These filters fall within most household budgets and require little to no installation, but can have a major impact on reducing your single-use plastic consumption. For example, one of Delcol Water Dispenser water filter cartridges can filter 1500 litres of water and keep more than 3,400 plastic water bottles out of the landfill.

Improve your Health, Improve the Planet

We only have one planet and it’s our responsibility to protect our environment, if not for future generations, at the very least for our own health. Water preservation, eco-friendly practices, and waste mitigation are essential to maintaining the balance. Luckily, we can all play a part by utilizing products like water filters to not only enrich our lives but work towards a better future.

If you’re ready to invest in your well-being and help protect the environment with an eco-friendly water filter, we invite you to browse our products and find the perfect water filter solution today!

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