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We are all well aware that clean water is crucial to our health and even though our city water supply has been treated by the municipality to meet the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), water contamination can still occur in many instances. The sources for bad quality of water supply are listed and summarised as follows:

i) Watershed Area Pollution

Widespread industrial activities and the development of society itself has increased the risks of water source contamination. Pollution from runoff, wastewater discharge from industrial areas, sewage from residential areas, agricultural activities, and leachate from dumpsites can, directly or indirectly, pollute our water source.

ii) Ageing and rusty pipes

Our city water is treated at the treatment plant, whereby chlorine and alum are added to clean and sterilize the water to produce drinkable water. However, water contamination may occur as it travels along old and rusty distribution pipelines to consumers. Rust and metals might leach into the water through rusty pipes or rusty joints.

iii) Old and Damaged Pipes

Unfortunately, our pipes have been in use for more than 60 years, having been installed in the 1960’s resulting in many instances of damaged and leaky pipes. Pollutants such as mud and sediment, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxic substances may then enter our water supply via these damaged pipes.

iv) Stagnant Water Storage Tank and Plastic Pipeline

Stagnant water will encourage bacteria and pathogens to grow in the water storage tank and fungi and algae might also grow in the plastic pipes (PVC). These are harmful to health and need to be removed before consumption.


Many cities in Malaysia have been affected by the water quality problems as discussed above. Based on our professional experience, the common water problems affecting the public are as below:

  • The Aesthetics Quality of Water


Turbidity in the water supply is contributed by mud, sediment, and

suspended solids.


The appearance of a yellowish or brownish colour in the water supply

may be due to the high turbidity and/or contributed by iron and rust

from rusty pipes.

iii)Taste and Odour

Unpleasant or repulsive smells may be contributed by chlorine, sulphur

(rotten egg smell), and organic pollutants.

Water with high turbidity and colour can stain our laundry, sinks, and toilet bowls and leave the bathroom with unsightly slime.

  • Health Related Concerns


Chlorination is one of the processes of treating our city water for

sterilization purposes. Residual chlorine of 0.2 ppm is to be maintained in

our water supply to kill bacteria and pathogens in the distribution

pipeline. Chlorinated compounds are carcinogens, meaning they are

cancer-causing agents and is very harmful to human health if it is

consumed continuously at an excessive level. In addition, chlorine as an

oxidizing agent and can slowly corrode most of the galvanised iron

pipelines and water tanks.


Water supply may be contaminated by bacteria and pathogens as a

result of industrial waste discharge, sewage seepage, and/or dumpsite

leachate that enters the water supply via damaged pipes.

iii)Organic and Inorganic Chemicals and Heavy Metals

Organic and inorganic chemicals may be found due to farming activities

such as using chemical fertilizers and pesticides; and the wastewater

discharge from industrial sector. The inorganic chemicals like alum,

sodium fluoride and heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, zinc, etc) are

harmful to the body.

A properly designed and maintained water filtration system will be able to remove all the above contaminants and therefore ensure clean water for consumption for your health for you and your loved ones. Delcol has been trusted in Malaysia for more than 30 years in ensuring clean water for Malaysians to enjoy.


Delcol’s mission to provide a safe and clean water supply that meets or exceeds local, state, and federal standards for public health and environmental quality, and to provide courteous, responsive, and efficient service in the most cost-effective manner to our customers.

Book a consultation session with us and we will provide you with a detailed explanation to resolve your water problems and ensure that you and your loved ones get clean water.

Fill in our form or drop us a message via our Whatsapp number below and we will get back to you swiftly:

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