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Outdoor Water Filter System Is The New Way Of Enjoying Crystal, Clear and Clean Water

Updated: May 13, 2022

Many of you would agree if we said that our water is not very clean to be used for washing or shower. Have you ever considered installing an outdoor water filter for your house? Is this your first time hearing it?

Outdoor water filters are called POE (Point of Entry); they are placed at the main water line where the water first enters your house. This means the water will be treated and filtered before going to all your water points. Just imagine getting clean water no matter where you are at your home, sounds like a good deal right? Here are some of the benefits of POE (Point of Entry) System:

1. Expand plumbing and appliances lifespan Manganese and iron in the water can build up over time and tarnish and block your plumbing system. The appliances that operate using water on a daily basis may gradually stain and corrode, resulting in shorter lifespans. Having a point of entry system installed can help your plumbing system and your appliances last longer and reduce your maintenance costs. 2. Cost Efficient Investing in an outdoor water filter can cut down on your costs. You no longer have to install separate filters for every water outlet in your house. Imagine spending money to maintain and change the filter for each water tap.

Point of Entry filter systems just require a backwash at least once a week and replace the filters when you need to, say, every 5 years. Outdoor water filters are definitely a cheaper and more effective solution. 3. Cleaner and Quality Water Outdoor sand media filter system is designed to filter water in different stages to remove harsh and dangerous chemicals before flushing it into your drainage system. The detailed filtration process helps to produce water of an excellent quality for your usage. You no longer have to worry about stained and contaminated water in your water stream once you installed the POE system. Worry free, happy life. We, at Delcol, offer a wide range of Point of Entry Systems and we are ready to assist you in choosing the most suitable water filtration system based on your requirements. If you are interested, click the link below and fill in your details:

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